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Heritage Book


Ciao Castropignanesi's,

My name is Roger Battista, known also as Gino Battista.  I was born in Castropignano 82 years ago. I immigrated to Canada in 1960 at the age of 19. I have had my share of good and bad experiences since I arrived in Canada, probably similar to the experiences of your parents or grandparents that came at the same time.  Let's leave some of these memories, good and bad, to future generations.


For this reason I am proposing to publish, at no cost to anyone,  a Heritage Book to narrate  all the memories that we experienced since we arrived in Canada. The idea would be that each participating family would have four pages (or more if required) in the book. Two pages for the guys that came to Canada as immigrants and two pages for their children and grandchildren, so that they can share their experiences as well. Each family will write their own histories and provide the pictures that they like to be included in the book. The same space will be offered to all the participants and the families will be placed in alphabetic order. 


This project can be done only with your cooperation. Let's leave some of our memories , good or bad, to future generations.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I count on your help. 


Warmest regards,

Roger (Gino) Battista

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Dear All ,

Please find below some additional information that may help you to prepare your narratives. RE: HERITAGE BOOK


1) It's offered to all the Paesani and their ascendants in the world that have emigrated from Castropignano

2) The families will be listed in alphabetical order

3) Up to four pages per immigrant is offered, but more will be considered on request

3) The same space will be offered to all the families

4) Each immigrant, regardless of their age when they immigrated, has the right to his/her own space in the book

5) The most important thing is the content and not the format.

6) Four books per family will be provided free on any cost

7) To assure space in the book the first draft of the narratives must be presented by October 25th 2023

9) Try to promote this idea within your family and (paesani) friends

10) Any question or suggestion you may have, please call me


Let's express ourselves the way we think, have been and are. This is not an exam or contest, few spellings or grammars mistakes here and there are okay, let's pay more attention to the "CONTENUTO"

*First draft due by October 25th, 2023

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Looking forward to hearing from all the Castropignanesi and Descendants from all over the world. 

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