Help The Church Bells Of Castropignano Ring Again!


If you have roots in this small town in Molise, Italy please help the people (our ancestors) bring back the Ringing of the Church Bells to Castropignano!

History: The Church Bells of Castropignano is a beautiful custom that has been used by its townspeople for hundreds of years. For one, they were very important when clocks were unavailable. Their call to prayer and worship would also help mark out the time of day for the villagers. The Church Bells ability to carry information across large distances was viewed as an excellent tool of communication, especially during War or of times of danger. Today the Church Bells are still an important part of the towns ordinary daily events, and its religion/religious ceremonies. The #Bells are used joyfully on wedding days, to wish happiness and prosperity to the couple who are beginning their lifelong union. They toll mournfully as the corpse is borne to receive the Church’s last blessing, to remind them of the duty of praying for the departed soul.

The Church Bells are very important to our ancestors. Please help the Church Bells ring again in Castropignano, Italy by donating today at => So far, $30,000 euros has been raised, but the cost of the Church Bells is estimated to be about $100,000 euros.

from Castropignano, Italy: – “The municipality has drawn up a project and its approximate estimated about € 100,000 including all expenses: the municipality, like all the municipalities of Italy, has no money for extraordinary expenses. As soon as we collect a figure around the estimated figure, we will jointly submit a Financing project to have permissions to proceed.:

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Castropignano’s Church Bells Ringing (30 Years Ago) :