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  1. I came upon the site after learning the town home of my great greatparents – Giuseppa Buonvico and Carmela DeFelice. They immigrated to the US in about 1899. At that time, they had two children, Maria Domenica Filomena (b 1898) and Pasquala Maria Giovanni (b 1893). They had several more children in the US, Rosina, Geneovfee (Jean – my greatgrandmother, born 1904, who married Vernon Lewis), Angela and Fiorentino. Research on the website shows many members of the Buonvico and DeFelice families in Castropignano. It’s a long story but my mother was raised my her grandmother and lost touch with this side of family. I saw a 50th wedding anniversary for Rosario and Carmela DeFelice celebrated in that town in 2013. I wondered if Rosario is a distant relative. Anyone wishing to connect, please send me an email. We are taking cruise around Italy in September 2015 and hope to take drive to this area when ship is docked in Napleson September 18. Also, any info about festivals going on at that time in Castropignano would be appreciated.

  2. We visited Castropignano in September 2015, birthplace of my grandfather Felice Macoretta. We were graciously greeted by family, Rita, Giuseppe, and Nicola Macoretta and their families. Although there was no prior notice of our arrival, they welcomed us with open arms. We cannot thank them enough for the tour of the area, meeting all the other family members, and the great hospitality and generosity they show us throughout our stay. We met so many in the town who were so friendly and welcoming, it was overwhelming . When we arrived, not knowing where to go, the young girl at the town bar had us escorted right to our relatives doorstep. We cannot thank everyone enough. We look forward to our next visit..
    Chris and Virginia Macoretta

  3. My Maddalena family was from Castropignano prior to the late 1700s when they seem to have moved to Agnone. My wife and I will be making our first visit to the area in a couple of weeks. We cannot wait!

  4. Looking for information on Francesco (Freducesca) Luciani born Nov. 29 1864 in Castropignano. Thanks, Bryn Luciani Heyen in (Los Angeles,Ca.)

    • Hi Bryn. My name is Tom Luciani and I live in Brantford, Ontario Canada.. I found your request on the history of the “Luciani’s” very interesting. My grandfather —-Peter Luciani—also came from Castropignano to Montreal, Canada around the same period of time as did your grandfather, to California. I was wondering if you could share some of the history and info that you have acquired with regards to our family tree. Thanks

      • Hi Tom,
        John Belvedere from Toronto, originally Port Colborne. I have many relatives in Brantford, including you I believe! I started to create an extended family tree on My Heritage for my Belvedere/Luciani roots. My parents and most of my family of recent generations were from Catro — now discovering other groups in Santo Stefano, Roccaspromonte (Castro), and a few other nearby villages.

        I have a new line of Luciani on my tree with Tom, born 1955 to William and Joan. If that’s you … hello 2nd cousin !


        The branch of Luciani family that I speak of stems of of my Great Grandmother Maria Antonia Ciolfi who was first married to Domenicoantonio Luciani 1856 -1906. After he passed, she “abandoned” her first family (my mother and grandmother) after her son Rosario passed away at 33. I just put the pieces together of her second marriage to her second husband – Michelantonio Luciani. I had known his of his marriage to her from their marriage records found from 1909. I had not connected Michele to parents and when I did recently, it became clear he was the younger brother of Domenico.

        I had DNA results that connected me to Luciani’s in Thorold (neighbours all these years) and Tillsonburg. That is what connected this line of Luciani’s to me – via the son of Peter James Luciani and Lillian Bean

        Maria Antonia had a child in her second marriage as well, Pietro, who would be both my 1st cousin and great uncle – the half brother of my grandfather. He’s both as my great uncle married my gr grandmother becoming my gr step grandparent . I’m trying to verify birth details for Pietro

        I included a web link (if it shows) to my tree — you’ll only be able to view the deceased fully – the living, like you, if you’re the Tom I think you are, lol, will be shown as private.

        Reach out to me if you’re interested. This is one part of my Luciani/o past I’m trying to get a better picture of.

        Cheers John — any one else out there reading this that would like to reach me, feel free and I’ll do my best to get in touch back.

  5. My grandfather was Carmine Ciolfi, came to Canada in the early 1900’s. I am searching for any ancestors who are still in Castropignano. My mother, recently passed at 94 years, was number 5 of 12 children. He used to go back occassionally until the late 50’s. I understand he had brothers there and in Argentina. Anyone with any information please contact me.

  6. Hi, Hoping to visit Castropignano, the birthplace of my father in July this year and trying to learn as much as I can from the web and this site has been great, thanks.

    • My grandfather was a Luciani, too! Nicola Luciani. My great grandparents were Maria Dominica and Dominic Santone, also from Castropignano. Would love to hear from any relatives!

      • Maureen Hello & thanks for your reply to the information on the Luciani Family from Castropignano. My Grandfather was Francesco (Freducesca) Luciani born in Castropignano on Nov.29 1864 & Passed on April 28 1941 in Los Angeles,Ca. We have no records of other family members & has not been helpful in finding Parents & Siblings names. If you could help as both Grandfathers must be related coming from the same small town in Italy ? Thank you , Bryn Luciani Heyen

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